Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will the fees be for the upcoming year?

A: The fees for competitive age groups (U11 and above) will be $1250 for the year and for the Youth Academy ages (U10 and below) will be $650 for the year. See Club Dues for more detail.

Q: What do my fees include?

A: The competitive age fees include professional training 3 nights a week, all league fees, and at least 2 tournaments over the course of the year. The Youth Academy fees are essentially all inclusive, including uniforms, league and referee fees, 2 nights a week professional training, and 2 tournaments over the course of the year.

Q: What do my fees not include?

A: Extra tournaments are not included. For competitive teams (U11 and older) uniforms are also not included in the fees. Player travel expenses (hotel, meals, transportation) for out-of-town tournaments. Team related items like benches, tents, etc.

Q: Who will be coaching my son’s team?

A: Coaching assignments will be made after tryouts. In general, we expect all coaches to be a part of training for all teams.  The Director of Coaching will make all coaching assignments.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: We will attempt to make as few changes to player groups as possible, while incorporating new players. There is always the possibility of some changes based on numbers. For the 2017-18 seasons, the 04 age group (and possibly the 05 age group) will be moving to 11v11, so the teams around them may be affected. This is true for all competitive soccer clubs. The Director of Coaching and the Technical Director will be in charge of all finalized player assignments.

Q: What about my daughter?

A: The Cavalry is strictly a boys soccer club.

Q: What leagues will we be playing in?

A: We plan to place teams in appropriate levels of competition in US Club Soccer and South Texas Youth Soccer Association leagues. We are actively working with both leagues to find the best fit for each team and will announce as soon as things have been finalized. 

Q: Where will we be playing games?

A: We are working with the different leagues to find the best possible scenario for our teams.  We will have more details on where we will play shortly.

Q: What age groups will the Cavalry field?

A: All youth age groups including the Youth Academy (U7-U10) and competitive groups (U11 and older).

Q: Are the Cavalry FC Youth teams affiliated with the Houston Dynamo (similar to the Cavalry FC PDL team's affiliation with the Houston Dynamo)?

A: No, there is no official affiliation between the Cavalry FC Youth teams and the Houston Dynamo.

Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: Contact us for more information about our program for families who qualify for financial need.